I have been in private practice in psychotherapy and psychoanalysis in Toronto since the late 1990s. My approach is based on the principle that conflict and disstress are best dealt with when they are spoken and listened to without judgement or fear. Patience, respect, and curiosity are essential here.

My training began shortly after I had completed a PhD in philosophy (with a concentration in psychoanalysis) from the University of Toronto. Reading and writing about the unconscious had reached a point where an active engagement with the material, first my own and then others’, became inevitable.

I joined the ranks of candidates at the Toronto Insitute for Contemporary Psychoanalysis in the fall of '96. At the time, I was also attending to my academic responsibilities, first as an Assistant Professor of Philosophy and then as the Co-ordinator of the Psychoanalytic Thought Programme (both at the U of T and each for three years).

My training as a psychoanalyst consisted of four years of post-doctoral seminars and workshops, a total of six years of clinical supervision, a year-long observer internship in emergency psychiatry at the Toronto Hospital—Western Division, and, last but not least, an intensive, and extensive, personal analysis.

Gradually, university teaching took a back seat to clinical work and I eventually chose to devote myself to my private practice on a full-time basis. These days, and as part of my responsibility as a clinician, I maintain an active research record through conference papers and publications on a number of topics, including trauma, depression, grief, sexuality, and clinical technique.