If you've been doing fairly well overall but have been struggling with one particular aspect of your life (tension in a relationship, stress at work, etc.) brief psychotherapy can be quite helpful

Focused problem solving and shifting of perspective can often go a long way toward understanding a situation, clarifying your role in it, and the options you may have to change it.

Brief psychotherapy is conducted on a one session a week basis and for a period of 4 to 6 months. Brief psychotherapy focuses on one central theme and treats it in a way that is efficient and speedy. This theme can be one of a number of different possibilities: grief over a recent loss or separation; anxiety caused by changes in an intimate relationship; or stress that is related to school or the workplace.

Brief psychotherapy is also recommended when a person suffers from a persistent negative feeling that doesn't correspond to the realities of his or her life. For exanple, this could be low self-esteem in spite of success and accomplishments, or a sense of isolation in the midst of a vibrant and productive life.

Ultimately, brief psychotherapy aims to alleviate the pain or distress related to a specific issue in order to produce enough of a focused and relevant change.