I consider supervision as a joint exploration into a specific clinical dynamic. I am typically less likely to tell a clinican what to say or do than I am to offer a frame and a set of tools that will hopefully help uncover whatever is at work in the therapeutic relationship (transferences, countertransferences, demands, enactments, projective identifications, etc).

In the process, a question is answered and another raised, an impasse is loosened, a possibility is opened up.

I subscribe to the principle that not one perspective can reign supreme over the unconscious and that no single unconscious should account for an entire clinical repertoire. My approach is exploratory and pragmatic; it reflects my own work and the attitude I hold toward the clinical orientations I have studied and/or in which I myself have been trained (Freudian, Kleinian, Lacanian, relational).

You can find out more about my aproach by reading my book Deleuze and Guattari: A Psychoanalytic Itinerary (published with Continuum in 2008, Bloomsbury 2012) and/or browsing through my blog The Psychoanalytic Field.