There is much in us that is shaped by subtle but very powerful beliefs and by the expectations we hear, see, and experience. From our yongest and most impressionable to our adult and self-reliant, our characters are affected in ways that are often elusive and difficult to explore or understand.

Psychoanalysis is a process of self-observation that leads to understanding and transformation. It is built on a relationship of trust, confidentiality, and non-judgement.

Psychoanalysis helps uncover and make explicit the histories each and every one of us carries, emotionally and psychologically. In a context like this, patience, compassion, and genuine curiosity are key.

When you've decided to undergo a psychoanalysis, you've in a sense decided to take the time to uncover the truth of your deeply unique and personal way of being. The aim here is to take stock of your strengths and weaknesses, talents and limitations, to live with the knowledge of who you are and what you can and want to do.