When a severe depression, a paralysing anxiety, or a deep sense of emptiness strikes, it unfortunately colours an entire existence. Psychoanalytic psychotherapy (also known as psychodynamic psychotherapy) is a most useful strategy for those struggling with painful feelings, thoughts, or behaviours that are not limited to one particular aspect of their lives.

Psychoanalytic psychotherapy has a broader focus than brief psychotherapy. The road here is longer and the pace is slower, but the results are much more significant and enduring.

With the support of the psychotherapist, you can begin to speak those parts of your life that have been causing you the most trouble. As you do so, you begin to hear them differently. In the process, you begin to think and experience them in ways that hadn't been obvious or possible before.

Gradually, your deeper understanding and richer experience will clarify the reasons and patterns for what you've been going through. Now, you're in a better position to draw on your strengths and assets to help you where you need them the most

This work will help loosen the hold that earlier experiences and relationships have had on your present. It will give you an ability to develop new ways of relating and experiencing. It will give you access to a more meaningful and richer life.