You have a life and a history that are unique and psychotherapy can shed light on them and make them more meaningful. You may feel that some things in your life don't have to be the way they are and that somethng can be done to change or improve them. You may not be the one who is entirely responsible for the situation you're in, but you know it best.

That is why you're the one most qualified to begin the process of change. That is also why you will be the one to benefit the most from it.

Psychotherapy is a process of knowledge and transformation. It focuses on your relationships and behaviours, memories and emotions, talents and weaknesses.

By putting the various parts of your life into words, you can begin to make sense of them, think about them and experience them in new ways; you can explore and enrich them.

I have a practice in psychotherapy in Toronto where I offer brief psychotherapy, psychoanalytic (psychodynamic) psychotherapy, and psychoanalysis. All three are useful but the choice of which one is best depends on where you're at, what you're having to deal with, and the resources that are available to you. The pages on this site are designed to help you clarify your therapeutic choices.