When it comes to sex and sexuality, there is hardly any shortage of opinion on what is good or bad, acceptable or unacceptable. The advice is free and the answers are often cookie-cutter and simplistic There seems to be very little room in all this talk for the personal and the specific.

You may have reached a point in your life where you begin to struggle with your sexuality. Perhaps you're not quite sure if the sex you want is "healthy" or you are getting anxious about the kind of person you think your sexuality makes you.

Or, you may know what you want but have trouble reconciling your desires with your moral or spiritual views. You may be questionning your orientation: is it normal or should you try to change or repress it?

You and your partner may be at different points in your lives when it comes to the frequency or the kind of sex you want to have. How is this affecting your relationship and what can you do to reconcile your differences?

Psychotherapy gives you the time to understand what sexuality means for you on an individual level, what role it plays in your life, how it shapes your relationships and the effects it has on them. Psychotherapy gives you the tools to clarify and resolve the conflicts you have about your sexuality. It gives you the ability to understand and process. It is an opportunity for you to speak your thoughts, emotions, and fantasies in a confidential and non-judgemental environment, without shame or fear.

With psychotherapy, you can begin to figure out what you want and how you can pursue it, with consent and without harm.